Travelling as a couple can be an amazing life-changing experience that brings you

closer together or it could end in daily fights, stress and a breakup. This is why choosing

group travel is a solid option for couples as it takes stress off the relationship so you can

both enjoy the trip.


Why Tours Are Great for Couples

Just because you’re in a couple doesn’t mean you have to plan an entire trip on your

own. Talk about stress in the relationship! Group travel is a great way for couples to

travel together and offer peace-of-mind knowing that there will always be someone else.


Set Your Expectations

Lay everything on the table before you book your trip and make sure you are both on the

same page with regards to budget, style of travel, what activities you want to do, and

accommodation. You will be spending a lot of time together and with others so make

sure you both know what you’re signing up for and ensure you both get what you want.


Break Your Routine

Take a break from your standard regiment and stay in bed and rev up your holiday

romance! Don’t put on your usual hour’s worth of makeup when your partner is waiting

to go to breakfast. He will love to see your travel-ready bare face.


Choosing Activities

It’s easy to get worried about whether your partner really wants to do the same activities

as you or if they are just doing it because you want to. They will do the same. Don’t spend the

only time you have at the museum worrying if they actually wanted to go in the first place.

Be honest with each other on exactly what activities you want to do and remember if he

doesn’t want to go to the museum and prefers to go to the car factory then let him spend

time with the guys on tour.


Meet other people

When you’re in a couple travellers assume you come as a 2-for-one package deal and

people don’t want to interfere in your seemingly lusciously loved up life. Especially since

you’re more likely to stay in private rooms rather than dorms. Take opportunities to

spend time with other travellers both as a couple and solo. This alleviates the pressure

of having to spend every single minute of every single the day together. That time apart

with others means you’ll be rushing back to tell your other half about your exciting day. If

your partner is taking a while to get ready then head to the communal breakfast and see

what your fellow passengers are up to.


Allow for Me Time

Being on tour is literally spending 24/7 together so trust us when we say you’ll need a

little time away from your boyfriend and the group. Take the opportunity to have ‘me’

time and recharge. You’ll both be happier in the long run and have a better time on tour.


Make Time For Romance

When travelling with a group it can be tricky to steal those coveted couple moments and

instead end up treating your boyfriend like a fellow traveller. While you don’t want fellow

passengers telling you to ‘get a room’ you do want a few dazzling moments. Most days

will be spent in travel clothes and seeing sights but every now and then make the effort

to go on a romantic dinner or book a fancy hotel for the night. Experiencing rare activities

together will be the memories you keep.


Tour Life Is Amplified

Travelling with a partner can be a brutally eye opening experience for both parties.

Things that don’t bother you at home in your everyday life will annoy the living daylights

out of you while on tour. Life when travelling is amplified for everyone and so all you

need to know is to be prepared for that and when something comes up ask yourself “if

this was happening at home would I be annoyed?” It’s easy to get caught up in the

minutiae but date a few minutes to have a think and don’t sweat the small stuff. If it gets

too heated just lay a passionate kiss on him and use it as a relationship ‘reset’ moment.


Double Rooms or Single?

A lot of fun is had in the dorms when you group travel and if you’re separating

yourselves you may feel slightly out of the loop. The decision to couple up or blend with

the group is a couple-by-couple and case-by-case basis. Opt for one or the other or mix

8 days

The Treasures of France including Normandy Summer 2019

  • 1 Countries Visited: France
  • Start: Paris
  • Finish: Paris

Price From: $2910 AUD

13 days

Road to Rome

  • 8 Countries Visited: England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, The Vatican
  • Start: London
  • Finish: Rome

Price From: $3344 AUD

16 days

Trail to Rome(With Air Deal,Start London, End Rome)

  • 12 Countries Visited: England, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France, Belgium, Slovakia
  • Start: London
  • Finish: Rome

Price From: $4574 AUD

14 days

European Highlights(Quad Room,Start London, End London)

  • 9 Countries Visited: England, France, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Monaco, The Vatican, Austria, Belgium
  • Start: London
  • Finish: London

Price From: $2755 AUD

25 days

European Quest(Quad Room,Start London, End London)

  • 11 Countries Visited: England, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Monaco, The Vatican, Belgium
  • Start: London
  • Finish: London

Price From: $3979 AUD

15 days

Barcelona to Rome

  • 3 Countries Visited: France, Italy, Spain
  • Start: Barcelona
  • Finish: Rome

Price From: $4495 AUD

27 days

Summer Fun & Sailing 2019

  • 12 Countries Visited: Albania, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Netherlands, Monaco
  • Start: London
  • Finish: London

Price From: $5639 AUD

16 days

Western Corners 2019-20

  • 3 Countries Visited: Italy, France, Spain
  • Start: London
  • Finish: Rome

Price From: $2559 AUD

45 days

Ultimate European plus Greek Islands(Quad Room,Start London, End London)

  • 17 Countries Visited: England, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, Monaco, The Vatican, Liechtenstein, Belgium
  • Start: London
  • Finish: London

Price From: $9849 AUD

8 days

Paris Explorer Winter 2019 2020

  • 1 Countries Visited: France
  • Start: Paris
  • Finish: Paris

Price From: $2775 AUD