When it comes to traveling, you don’t go for the sights. Sure, taking pictures of a few landmarks or exploring some museums is fun and all, but there are some aspects of traveling that are so much more…rewarding. We’re, of course, talking about food! One of the best parts of going on a tour of a new city, country, or continent, is getting to try dishes from that place. It’s a way to get to know the local culture by having a true “taste” of it. Best of all, if you’re all about the food, you don’t need to go on an ordinary tour with the hopes of trying a few delicious meals. Nope. Instead, you can go on a tour that’s JUST about food.


Sound good? Or, does it sound delicious?!


If this is something you’re interested in, then take a look at these 4 European tours for food-lovers.


1) Pasta & Peaks


If the name of this tour hasn’t intrigued you enough, wait until you hear more!


Pasta & Peaks is a two-week tour through Europe. You’ll hit countries like Italy, Amsterdam, and Switzerland, and eat your heart out during a majority of it. If you love pasta and traveling, then this tour is for you. Eat some of the most delicious pasta dishes in all of Europe, and work off all those carbs by doing some incredible peak-climbing.


Price: $1598 AUD


2 )  Best of Italy


Speaking of pasta, there’s probably one country that truly does it better than the rest, and that’s Italy. If you can’t think of any better way to experience Italy than by eating your way through it, then you’ll love the Best of Italy tour by Air Winter. This 13-day tour through Italy will reach your heart right through your stomach. Every stop involves sightseeing and A LOT of eating. YUM.


Price: $3849 AUD




3) Spain and Portugal Real Food Adventure


Up for some sangria and paella? What about some of the best chorizo you’ll ever have in your life? If your mouth is watering just from reading this, then you need to take a look at the Spain and Portugal Real Food Adventure tour, now! This food-led adventure will introduce you to authentic Catalan cuisine, spark your tastebuds with famous Rioja wine, and wow you with local specialties of Galicia, just to name a few. Try Portugal’s best-kept foodie secret, and enjoy some of the most delicious seafood on the continent. After 17-days on this tour, food will never taste as good ever again.


Price: $4876 AUD

food-lovers4) Tapas Trail


If the last tour sounds like a bit too much food for you (even though we know that’s impossible for a foodie-lover like you!) then perhaps you can take it down a notch with some tapas. Tapas are, of course, small, vibrant dishes that one can never seem to order enough of. The answer?


The answer?


The Tapas Trail tour.


This week-long tour will take you through France and Spain, where you’ll try classic French, Mediterranean, and Spanish dishes. Though, we can’t promise all portions will be as small as tapas portions, so make sure you save your appetite!


Price: $1670 AUD


So, where will your taste-buds take you?

Hana LaRock is originally from New York, though has called other places around the world her home for the last two years. She currently lives in Mexico and freelance travel writer. When she’s not working, she enjoys writing, reading, spending time with her dog, and of course, traveling. You can find her at www.hanalarockwriting.com.

10 days

Budapest to Sofia Adventure

  • 3 Countries Visited: Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania
  • Start: Budapest
  • Finish: Sofia

Price From: $1649 AUD

17 days

The Great Eastern 2018

  • 9 Countries Visited: Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Serbia, Albania, Austria, Montenegro
  • Start: Athens
  • Finish: Prague

Price From: $2699 AUD

8 days

Cinque Terre: Hike, Bike & Kayak

  • 1 Countries Visited: Italy
  • Start: Levanto
  • Finish: Santa Margherita

Price From: $2290 AUD

5 days

2 Island Explorer

  • 1 Countries Visited: Greece
  • Start: Mykonos
  • Finish: Santorini

Price From: $948 AUD

8 days

Cycle Tuscany

  • 1 Countries Visited: Italy
  • Start: Florence
  • Finish: Pisa

Price From: $2165 AUD

8 days

Dashing Through the Danube (Start Regensburg) - U by Uniworld (On or above deck cabin, start Regensburg, end Budapest)

  • 3 Countries Visited: Austria, Germany, Hungary
  • Start: Regensburg
  • Finish: Budapest

Price From: $2799 AUD

8 days

Rome Explorer with Air Summer 2018

  • 1 Countries Visited: Italy
  • Start: Rome
  • Finish: Rome

Price From: $3929 AUD

13 days

Munch (Start Rome) (Start Rome, end Madrid)

  • 3 Countries Visited: France, Italy, Spain
  • Start: Rome
  • Finish: Madrid

Price From: $3286 AUD

5 days

North Iceland Camping on a Shoestring

  • 1 Countries Visited: Iceland
  • Start: Reykjavík
  • Finish: Reykjavík

Price From: $1399 AUD

8 days

Athens and Aegean Premium Summer 2018

  • 2 Countries Visited: Greece, Turkey
  • Start: Athens
  • Finish: Athens

Price From: $2715 AUD