Going to Europe is always an exciting adventure. Though each country can share qualities with a country on the other side of the continent, it’s no secret that each destination has it’s own special touch. Traveling to these countries and exploring the cities is an awesome opportunity on its own. And, getting to try the delicious foods in those places is even better.


But, what if your trip was all about the food? Sure, you might put on a few pounds, but it would definitely be worth it!


Here are the European food festivals you’ll want to hit up in 2017. Take a tour so you don’t miss them!


Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival, Ireland


Galway, Galway Oyster Festival, What to do in Galway

There are a lot of different kinds of foods (and beverages) to enjoy in Ireland. Though, despite the fact this nation is surrounded by water, they definitely don’t eat as much seafood here as in the rest of Europe. That’s why the Galway International Oyster and Seafood Festival must be on this year’s bucket list. The Irish may not eat a lot of seafood in Ireland, but when they do, you can bet it’s like nowhere else on the continent. Make sure you come try a few plates here later this year.


Dates: September TBD


Cheese Festival, Switzerland

Cheese Festival Switzerland, Tour Switzerland



There are a lot of cheese festivals that go on in Switzerland. No surprise there. But, seeing as the first one of the year begins January 28th in Basel, we want to give you more than enough time to get to the next one. In September, the farmers break out the produced alp cheese in of the summer in Wengen. It’s a time to enjoy music, games, family and friends, and of course, more cheese than you could ever imagine. So, we’ll be going. Will we see you there?


Date: Starts September 24th




Pizza Fest Italy, Italy Tourism


Ummm…yes? If you love pizza (and who doesn’t?) then this festival is basically heaven on Earth. Pizzafest happens annually in Nola, a town a little outside of Napoli, which we all know is the birthplace of this delicious gift from the gods. One of the best parts of the festival is the “Best Pizza of the World” competition, which of course has pretty high stakes. But, if you get a little full from all the pizza, you can take a break and enjoy the activities and live music for a bit. And then…go back to eating more pizza. Duh!


Dates: Late May/Early June



Óbidos Chocolate Festival, Portugal


When “chocolate” and “festival” are in the same sentence, you know it’s going to be good. Like, wicked good. The Óbidos Chocolate Festival in Portugal is the answer to every chocolate lover/travel lover’s fantasies. Every year, this festival takes you through the medieval streets of Óbidos, where you can take in the luscious scenery while enjoying even more luscious chocolate. There will be incredible architecture formed from sweets, including a ‘Kid’s Chocolate House.’ You don’t want to miss this.


Dates: March 31st-April 25th



Food and Fun Festival, Iceland

If you’re looking for rather exotic food in Europe, then head off the mainland to get to Iceland. Icelandic cuisine is generally known for being “adventurous,” to say the least. Those who are unfamiliar with it may shock their palate, but should be pleased nevertheless. So, if you want to give it all a try, then head to Reykjavik for the 16th anniversary of the Food and Fun Festival. And, you don’t have to indulge totally in the local cuisine. After all, there will be famous chefs from both sides of the ocean, providing you with a culinary experience you really won’t be able to get anywhere else.


Dates: March 1st to the 5th.


Getting to festivals can be a hassle. Organizing your trip to Europe on a tour will not only save you the stress, but open up even more incredible travel opportunities. Book your tour now!

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