I can walk for miles, drive atop a cliff, take a boat to a lonely island, all for the want of enjoying the sunset. I don’t know why, but they truly fascinate me, each one being different from the other. I have gasped at the colours, across the world, watching shades of red, orange and grey in the sky. Throw in some bubbly and a cheese platter and I would pray for time to stand still.

I am sure many of you sail in the same boat that I do. So, here are a five locales that I recommend to watch the Sun go down.


Kruger National Park, South Africa


We all have seen sunset pictures from the wild, the big red Sun in the background and a wild being in the foreground. I wanted to shoot a similar composition at Kruger National Park. Well, one can’t really ask an elephant pose, neither can one instruct the impalas to flit. None of the wild beings showed up at sunset. Yet, the sunset at Kruger National Park is etched on my mind for its sheer beauty!

Sunset at Kruger National Park (South Africa)

Reethi Beach Resort, Baa Atoll, Maldives


The Maldivian islands are so pretty that they take your breath away. White sand beaches, azure waters, live corals – God sure was in a happy mood when he made them! I have been to Maldives twice, and I am sure I will visit these pristine islands many more times.

I was in little island that houses the Reethi Beach Resort earlier this month and watching the Sungo down every evening made me say ‘Wish this vacation never ends!’.

Sunset at Reethi Beach Resort (Maldives)


Amoudi Bay, Santorini, Greece


Sunset views from Santorini are famous around the world, which is what makes restaurants and terraces on the West coast of the island way to crowded to allow any romance to kindle in your soul. While I love sharing a view with fellow travellers, I prefer sharing the sunset view with Ankur, with romance stirring inside.

Sunset at Amoudi Bay, Santorini (Greece)

For some quiet time, head to Amoudi Bay at Santorini to enjoy the sunset. This secret location was shared with us by the hostess on our flight, and we sure do bless her!


Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia


Not many people take the effort to visit the little town of Zadar on the Adriatic coast. This town has one of the two sea organs in the world which let the waves make music as they hit the coast. Watching the Sun go down with this music in the back ground is an experience to be lived.

Sunset at the Sea Organ, Zadar (Croatia)

Wadi Rum, Jordan


Wadi Rum is a moonscape which will truly make you feel that you are on alien land. The red sand dunes with towering rock facades makes one feel dwarfed. It is strange how the desert changes it colours at sunset. The red sand appears grey and the sky appears red.

Sunset at Wadi Rum (Jordan)

If you have never been on a sand dune at sunset, add it to your bucket list!

Which is your favourite location to watch the sun go down?

Author’s Bio:


We are a couple, bitten by wanderlust. Just say ‘travel’, and we will be jumping off our seats and will be ready with a small back pack to set sail! Festivals, nature, wildlife, architecture, history, culture, adventure, food, family, friends… all are our inspiration to travel. We have regular office job, which are dear to us. That is what funds the travel!. Check us out here – http://www.tickingthebucketlist.com/

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