So, you’re considering taking a tour somewhere, but you’re not quite convinced yet. You’ve heard a mix of reviews about taking a tour, and you’re wondering if it’s right for you. We could go on and on about why a tour is a good choice, but if you not convinced, then read on. See just why traveling on a tour is perfect for your trip, whether it is for the entire time or just a part of your adventure.


Safety is Generally Not an Issue


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When you travel on a tour, it typically involves going from place to place with a very large group, including a few monitors. Tours have a reputation to protect you, and thus strive to make your safety a priority for the duration of the tour. In addition to staying at safe accommodations and avoiding dangerous areas, you’ll also have a ton of other people to keep an eye out for you.


Tick all the must see’s whilst getting the Inside Scoop


Benefits of tour travel


Getting to visit the sights by yourself is cool and all, but let’s be honest; if there’s a tour group with a guide nearby, you’re totally going to pretend to be part of it so you can learn about where you are. Traveling on a tour is perfect because you get the inside scoop on all the sights you visit. Your guide will have hidden gems to show you along the way and you don’t face the standard post trip FOMO!


You Can Spend Less Time Planning and More Time Having Fun 

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Traveling on a tour takes out majority of the planning. While travel planning can certainly be fun, it can also be super stressful. Trying to figure out where things are, how much time you should spend at a place, what hotels you should book, and what sights you should see, is just the tip of the iceberg. Many travellers don’t consider the possibility of mishaps occurring (why should they), and how the slightest delays can result in missing key experiences and places. Booking a tour means all this stuff is already taken care of for you, there are preemptive contingency plans for mishaps, allowing you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the actual destinations, experiences and people.


Making Friends is Easy 



Sometimes, making friends while traveling is not so easy. When people are constantly on the go, it’s hard to make real connections or spend time with people who you’ve take a liking to. Going on a tour is the perfect solution to this problem. Most tours cater to very specific age groups, so you can be sure you’ll meet a few people that have the same interests as you. Additionally, you’ll be spending most of your time with these new friends, which means plenty of opportunity to establish that relationship.


You Get to Save Some Money 


On the surface, tours may seem a little expensive. However, when you start to dissect the costs and see that many of the things are inclusive, you’ll come to find that you’re actually saving a lot. Seriously. Make yourself a chart comparing the costs from the tour and the would-be costs if you went by yourself. It won’t take long until you realize what’s best!


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Best of the West

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Western Express Northbound

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