High altitudes, endless salt flats, Death Road, volcanoes and cocaine – Bolivia travel is some of the world’s most unique and extreme. Bolivia tours make sure you experience the best and most adrenaline pumping of the country, and to help you choose the right itinerary we’ve compiled a list of our top picks below.


Take a pose-y pic on Salar de Uyuni


This prehistoric lake expanse sprinkled with miles of salt is perhaps one of the most extraordinary sites in South America. Pose for the neatest camera tricks against the barren background, mirror-like after rainfall, and brought to life by bright pink flamingos and steamy geysers – just try not to lick it.

Bolivia Salt Flats, Bolivia travel

Lively La Paz


La Paz is one of South America’s highest – and poorest – cities, but is rich in bustle and excitement that seduces visitors. Nestled deep in a 3,600m altitude canyon, the city really comes to life during March’s Carnaval Oruro. Be sure to take a walk past unusual San Pedro Prison, where inmates lead relatively normal lives involving paying rent and even living with their wives and children. Keeping with the theme, follow the cocaine trails to a legal market where you can try the substance – but be safe and take the advice of your Bolivia travel guide!


The mysterious Mercado de Hechiceria


La Paz’s Witches’ Market showcases some rather unusual medicinal treatments and Aymara tradition, with stuffed baby llamas and mysterious potions displayed by indigenous sellers with mini-cauldron bowler hats and ponchos.

Witches Markets Bolivia, Bolivia tours

Parque Nacional Madidi


The impressive biologically diverse ecosystem occupies 7,000 square miles of pristine habitat, with the ‘tweet tweet’ of birdlife beckoning. The National Park is home to an incredible 11% of the world’s avian species.


Silver mines in Potosí


Cerro Rico brought riches and rags to the sky-high city, which was plundered by the Spanish, who left behind dreadfully tough silver mines that can still be visited to observe the hardships of colonialism. The intriguing settlement on the slopes teems with churches and remnants of days gone by.


El Camino De La Muerte – if you dare


Classed as the world’s most dangerous road, ‘Death Road’ travels through changing tropic scenery as mountain bike excursions descend brake first 11,000 feet over 38 miles from the Altiplano Andes to the lush Amazon River Basin. Just don’t research the statistics before you do it – and be sure to wear your helmet!

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History and height in Sucre


Nicknamed the ‘White City’ (and not for the cocaine), Bolivia’s official capital is a hub of intellect at a dizzying height of 2,800m. The city is famous for the country’s major university and Casa de la Libertad, where the Bolivian constitution was written.

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Visit Lake Titicaca


Ringed by the jagged Andes peaks, the world’s highest navigable lake is also one of the largest, feeding old empires on Isla del Sol and de la Luna, along with traditional hand-made reed islands at Uros.

Lake Titicaca Bolivia, Bolivia travel

Spot pink river dolphins


Take a cruise in the north-eastern wetlands, edging the Amazon basin, and keep your eyes peeled for frolicking bufeo – river dolphins boasting an undeniable pink hue.


Pink River Dolphin Bolivia, Bolivia tours

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21 days

Andes & Amazon between La Paz and Buenos Aires

  • Start: Paz
  • Finish: Buenos

Price From: $1920 AUD

63 days

Andes & Amazon between La Paz and Cuzco via Amazon

  • Start: Paz
  • Finish: Cuzco

Price From: $5200 AUD

55 days

Andes & Amazon between Quito and La Paz via Bolivia in depth

  • Start: Quito
  • Finish: La

Price From: $5260 AUD

73 days

Andes & Amazon between Cartagena and La Paz via Bolivia in depth

  • Start: Cartagena
  • Finish: La

Price From: $6790 AUD

61 days

Andes & Amazon between Quito and Buenos Aires

  • Start: Quito
  • Finish: Buenos

Price From: $5700 AUD

75 days

Patagonia & Andes between Lima and Buenos Aires via Ushuaia

  • Start: Lima
  • Finish: Buenos

Price From: $7200 AUD

32 days

Patagonia & Andes between Cuzco and Santiago

  • Start: Cuzco
  • Finish: Santiago

Price From: $3070 AUD

22 days

Andes & Amazon between Lima and La Paz

  • Start: Lima
  • Finish: La

Price From: $2230 AUD

93 days

Andes & Amazon between Foz du Iguaçu and Cartagena via Uruguay

  • Start: Iguaçu
  • Finish: Cartagena

Price From: $8680 AUD

23 days

Andes & Amazon between La Paz and Cuzco via Bolivia in depth including Machu Pic

  • Start: Cuzco
  • Finish: La

Price From: $3580 AUD