Don’t be put off by the grey and dreary weather of England, there’s so much this country has to offer! From shopping Oxford street and seeing world-class theatre in central London, to exploring historic castles and enjoying cream tea in the iconic Cotswolds, England has something for everyone.


Here, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite things to do whilst you tour England.

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1. Explore the Lake District

Imagine navigating narrow, winding lanes that cut through colossal, rolling hills. To your left, lays an immense, glittering lake, and to your right, stands a quaint, cobbled village. The Lake District is truly mesmerising, and a must for anyone visiting England. Enjoy a lake cruise, or a peaceful hike through lush countryside, and later, snuggle up in a picturesque cottage with a mulled wine.


2. Wander the Camden Markets

While away a morning, afternoon or entire day in London, by checking out what’s on show at the Camden Stables Market. There are over 450 stalls, with merchants selling anything from clothing, furniture, art, crafts and trinkets to street-food.


3. Surf the waves of Cornwall

The county of Cornwall is home to quaint, seaside villages, delicious pasties, a relaxed vibe, and the best surf in England. Almost all of the beaches in Cornwall can be surfed, thanks to its location. Sea temperatures range from 7 degrees in winter, to 18 degrees in summer. Hot spots are Fistral Beach, Polzeath Beach, Gwithian Beach and Porthtowan Beach.


4. Visit the Roman Baths

The city of Bath was aptly named after its steaming hot springs. Around 70 AD, the Roman Baths were constructed, and were a site for public bathing and socialising. Today, the Baths are one of the world’s best-preserved Roman historical sites. Bath is also well-known for it stunning, 18th-century Georgian architecture.


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5. Eat Fish & Chips in Brighton

Brighton is one of England’s most well-known seaside towns. Situated 1.5 hours south of London, Brighton is famous for its iconic pier that stretches out from the promenade. Brighton is also a great place to try one of England’s favourite dishes – fish, chips and mushy peas.


6. See a show in the West End 

London is a playground for theatre enthusiasts. The West End offers a plethora of shows and musicals of all genres year round, and they are well worth seeing.


7. Tour the Tower of London 

Founded in 1066, the Tower of London is an impressive castle built upon the Thames. The Tower has a rich and fascinating history; it was frequently besieged, and has served as an armoury, a menagerie, a treasury, and a public record office. It is the home of the Royal Mint, and the Crown Jewels of England.


8. Explore he Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio 

An absolute must for any Hogwarts fans, the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour is spectacular! Wander through authentic sets such as the Great Hall, Diagon Alley and Privet Drive, and discover the props and special effects behind the making of the films.


9. See Stonehenge

Stonehenge is not just the most prehistoric monument in Britain, but in all of Europe. The ‘Hanging Stones’ were placed in their circular position from 3000 – 1500 BC. Each stone stands approximately 4 metres high, 2 metres wide and weighs around 25 tonnes!


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10. Visit some of the word’s oldest universities

The University of Oxford, founded in approximately 1096, is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. The University of Cambridge, founded in 1209, and is the second oldest. Both Oxford and Cambridge are charming cities to visit, and they’re dripping in history. Be sure to try punting through the rivers of Cambridge, and to marvel at the grand Bodleian Library in Oxford.


11. Shop Oxford, Regent and Bond Street

Oxford Street is one of the busiest, and most renowned shopping strips in the world. It houses over 300 stores, and stretches almost 2 kilometres in length. Regent Street is also highly popular, with towering department stores such as Liberty, and the world-famous Hamely’s Toy Store. Contrarily, Bond Street is an esteemed and exclusive strip, home to some of the world’s most extravagant and luxurious brands – keep an eye out here for celebrities!


12. Visit Hadrian’s Wall

Under the reign of Emperor Hadrian, the construction of a wall – 118 metres long – began in 122 AD. The wall took six years to complete, and was a defensive barrier, designed to protect the Romans from Barbarian invaders. Hadrian’s Wall was marked as one of the ‘Frontiers of the Roman Empire’ by UNESCO.


13. Relax in the Cotswolds

Renowned for their quintessentially cobbled villages, the Cotswolds are a must for anyone craving a country escape from the hustle and bustle of London. The Cotswold’s are home to some of England’s finest palaces, castles, country houses, nature reserves and arboretums.

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14. Catch an English Premier League game

The culture surrounding football in England is phenomenal, and there’s nothing quite like experiencing the atmosphere of a crowded London stadium. The EPL season runs from August to May the following year.


15. Explore ancient castles

With over 1,500 castle sites in England, it’s well worth checking out a few. Top picks are: Dover Castle, Warwick Castle, Leeds Castle, Bodiam Castle, Warkworth Castle, Tintagel Castle and of course, Windsor Castle.