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Like biking as a means of travel? What about Europe? And, how about the fall? This season is perfect for doing a whole combination of all these exciting things.


Though Europe is typically traveled by train or on cheap flights, it should also very well be seen by bike. by traveling on a bike, you’ll really get up close and personal with some really nice places on this continent. Why whiz by it all on a train when you can take your time on a bike?


If you’re thinking of cycling Europe but you’re not quite sure where to do it, then here’s where you should go.


The United Kingdom

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Though the U.K. might not be part of the European Union anymore, it still lies within Europe. The U.K is quite big, so we’re not expecting you to do all of it by bike. But, if you want to, we won’t argue; it will be an experience of a lifetime. The U.K. has miles and miles of farmland, green hills and pastures, castles, and all around amazing scenery that’s breathtaking by bike, especially this time of year. If you’re on a tour of England, spend some time cycling the South Downs. 


The Countryside of Germany


While Germany may be known for Oktoberfest this season, a bike tour through this country is definitely underrated. Outside of the big cities here are incredible routes throughout the countryside. You can see old German houses overlooking vast fields, while you take your time riding beneath the fall foliage. One exceptionally beautiful trail you can take is the Bodensee-Königssee Cycle Route, where you’ll see the Bavarian Alps surrounded by what looks like a scene right out of a fairytale. 


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Southern France


If you’ve never visited France, then we can’t think of better way to do it than to do it by bike. Sure, this time of year might be a little wet and chilly on some days, but who wants to ride a bike when it’s sweltering out, anyway? We recommend taking on the Provence region. You’ll be mesmerized by quaint French villages, colorful fields, and make some pit stops to taste delicious wine. You’ll never want your bike tour to end.

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Croatia and Serbia


Croatia and Serbia are parts of Europe that still are still “off the beaten path.” These little countries have so much to offer adventurous souls who are traveling on their bikes. The route here is the end of the famous Danube Cycle Path. Because the countries are a bit smaller than the others on this list, you can really take your time planning your route. No need to rush. Spend time on the eastern border of Croatia, through the Balkan hills and onto Belgrade in Serbia. Best part of all, the weather is great during this season.

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The Netherlands


For those who want to bike IN Europe but not necessarily THROUGH Europe, then the Netherlands is the place for you. The main mode of transportation here, specifically in Amsterdam, is-you guessed it-bicycles. You can choose to rent one at a local bike shop, or just buy one if you plan on being here a while. Ride around the canals and take in the buildings, streets, and the other people their bikes.


Are you ready for your bike tour around Europe? Get cycling now!