When you look at a list of tours, do you get the feeling that most of them are more or less the same? You see the sights, do some walking, and explore the city with some free time. It may sound like a good time to most people, but to you, it’s not really your idea of a travel experience. You’re wondering if there are other kinds of tours out there that fit your specific sense of adventure.


Well, what if we told you there were? Whether you fall into one of these categories or not, we’re sure there’s a tour out there for you. But, here are some examples to get you started:


1) Get to Know One City Really Well


Most tours take you through more than one city or country during your time. Some travelers may get the feeling that this will make their trip feel rather over-booked and exhausting. Whether you want to go on a tour that doesn’t make you feel rushed or you’ve always wanted to explore just one city or country, then no problem. Choose your dream destination and find a tour that allows you to spend a lot of meaningful time there.


2) History and Culture


Some travelers may find the sightseeing parts of a tour to be a tad boring. But, for you, you can’t think of anything more exciting than exploring the unique history and culture of the place you’re visiting. You want to be surrounded by it as much as possible, and feel like you’re an expert on this place. There are tours for you, like this WWI and WWII Battlefield Tour of Europe.



3) Foodie

If your absolute favorite part of traveling is getting to try new foods, then it’s no wonder you don’t want to waste time doing anything else. You’re not alone. There are plenty of foodie tours that are designed for people like you who really want to get a “taste” of the destination(s).


4) Sports and Outdoor Adventure


Whether you’ve always imagined skiing the Swiss Alps, going bungee jumping in New Zealand, hiking the Camino de Santiago, or surfing in South Africa, you don’t want a tour that only allows you to squeeze in a little time for these activities. You want your tour to be ABOUT doing these activities. There are so many tour options out there for people who are focused on sports as an adventure. You can find tours that will take you to the perfect playground abroad, like this 46 Day Southern Trek through national parks in southern Africa.

5) Age-Specific/Singles/Etc.


Perhaps you’re trying to get to know another person as much as you’re trying to get to know the place you’re touring. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to make some friends or meet people with the same interests as you. Or, even a potential significant other. There are tours that are designed for people like you so you can be comfortable being yourself while you travel, though we don’t think that will be an issue no matter which tour you take.


If a typical tour isn’t your idea of fun, then no worries. We promise there’s a tour out there for you!


Hana LaRock is originally from New York, though has called other places around the world her home for the last two years. She currently lives in Mexico and freelance travel writer. When she’s not working, she enjoys writing, reading, spending time with her dog, and of course, traveling. You can find her at www.hanalarockwriting.com.