croatia on tour

Looking for a place with stunning natural beauty, unique food, a great party scene and historic monuments all in one? In a country that combines all this and more, there is little mystery as to why travel to Croatia has become such a popular option. Tours in Croatia start and end in the major cities of Dubrovnik, Split and capital Zagreb, offering a perfect opportunity to explore these metropolises of spectacular architectural wonders a little before or after your jam-packed adventure.


Spoilt for choice with travel to Croatia


The options do not end there however – combined tours visiting other parts of the Balkans and Italy are available, while Sail Croatia trips provide a great option for those more interested in the party scene. One major plus of joining a Sail Croatia tour if you want to visit any of the 1246 islands dotting the sparkling blue Adriatic Sea off the coast is the scheduled island crossings. That means no planning departure times – simply pack up your beach gear and follow your tour guide, whose local knowledge of places like Zagreb, Split, Trogir, Korcula and Dubrovnik will help you make the most of your time in Croatia.


To make sure you don’t miss a thing in spectacular Dubrovnik and Zagreb, most tour itineraries include a guided tour of these exciting cities. Tours also offer the security and benefit of island orientation walks and organised nightlife activities, not to mention priority entrance to UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Emperor Diocletian’s Palace and dinner provided on board in the case of Sail Croatia excursions.

croatia on tour

If that’s not enough, complete a tour comparison Croatia and you will find that many offer optional excursions like tours to Marshall Tito’s home, authentic Konoba restaurant experiences, and day trips to Montenegro.


Ready to set sail on the Croatian coast? Take a look at these Croatia tours and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.


Itching to make your way to Croatia now? Get ready with a few facts on the country and you may have a change of outshining your tour guide – but probably not.

  • Did you know that Croatia has one of the longest coastlines in Europe? The country is a popular summer destination due to its almost 2000 km of Adriatic coastline.
  • Croatia is known for a laidback café culture but also its killer nightlife, with Hvar Island one of the favoured destinations for those looking to let their hair down.
  • UNESCO World Heritage listed Plitvice National Park in the northern highlands is home to 16 lakes, a number of spectacular waterfalls, caves, and the most beautiful palette of natural colours you will ever see – no filter needed.
  • It is impossible to visit Croatia without savouring at least one sunset – and if you don’t believe us, just ask Alfred Hitchcock. According to ‘The Master of Suspense’, the harbour in Zadar offers the most spectacular view you could hope for to watch the sun dip below the horizon.
  • The UNESCO World Heritage Listed old town of Dubrovnik is home to spectacular walls encircling the city, that are well worth conquering due to the stunning 360 degree views you can enjoy while strolling them. Tip: Aim for a sunset walk, right before closing time, for an even more incredible view.
  • Croatia is the birthplace of many celebrated sports stars, including tennis’ Goran Ivanisevic and footballer Davor Suker. In terms of team sports water polo and handball are popular, and the country has won numerous Olympic medals in both these events.
  • Marco Polo may be known as being of Venetian nationality, but there is some dispute as to where the famed merchant traveller was actually born – some claim he came into the world on the island of Korcula.
  • Croatia tourism has meant the country has largely recovered – at least architecturally – from the devastating conflict during the 1990s, but the recent history is palpable in the nation that became independent from former Yugoslavia in 1991.
  • Croatia has brought us a number of well-known products, including Tesla Motors electric cars, Brač stone and soap, and Dalmatian dogs.
  • Parts of Croatia will feel eerily familiar to Game of Thrones fans, as the hit show is filmed at multiple locations, though Dubrovnik is the most predominantly featured. Walking tours that lead you along the very steps taken by Cersei Lannister are available in abundance.
  • Not only did Croatian-born Serbian Nikola Tesla discover alternating currents, but Croatia is also responsible for the fountain pen, parachutes, and the neck tie/cravat.