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Experience lively Barcelona and Madrid, enjoy the world-famous nightlife of Ibiza, and visit off-the-beaten track regional destinations – Spain tour packages offer plenty of choice to make the most of the land of sangria and flamenco.


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Spain tour packages start and end in Madrid and Barcelona, where knowledgeable local guides lead city tours that ensure you not only see all there is to see in these vibrant cities, but also give advice on avoiding the scams and pickpocketing that can plague a visit to the beautiful, sunny country. In Madrid and Barcelona, travellers also benefit from queue jump and priority access to the best museums, as well as pre-reserved seats at top flamenco shows.


Heading out of Madrid and Barcelona, there are optional excursions to the architecturally magnificent cities of Toledo and Burgos, tapas feast dinners, and visits to Montserrat. In Barcelona and on the party-hard island of Ibiza, travellers enjoy priority entry to nightclubs.


All ferry transport is organised, while Spain tour packages also offer the opportunity to explore regional areas most do not visit, or to experience the best Spanish festivals. If that is not enough, when you compare tour packages Spain you will find a number of possible combinations, with itineraries covering Spain, Portugal and Morocco, as well as other parts of Europe.


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best places to visit in spain, places to visit in spain, tipping in spain

Want a taste of that insider Spain tourism knowledge we mentioned before? We have collected the best facts from real life tour guides. Impress them on tour with how much you already know.


  • Spain is home to 17 autonomous regions, each of which is governed by the Spanish constitution of 1978 and its own organic laws.
  • Spain is most famous for its cities and nightlife, but is home to spectacular natural beauty like the Pyrenees Mountains that border the country to the north, the dry plains of the Meseta and the mountainous microstate of Andorra.
  • Madrid is home to stately buildings including the 18th century Royal Palace of Madrid, pulsing nightlife and some exceptional museums.
  • Not far outside Madrid lies UNESCO World Heritage Listed Toledo, which earned UNESCO status not only for its monumental heritage but its unique historical influence from Christians, Muslims and Jews.
  • San Sebastian is a popular destination in the Basque region on Spain’s north coast due to its famed surfing beaches and reputation for exceptional tapas and pintxos.
  • Barcelona is home to the passionate and proud Catalans, who speak their own dialect and boast an incredible collection of Gaudi’s most renowned works in the vibrant city.
  • The city of Cordoba has a unique history of Moorish influence, evident in its beautiful Mezquita or Mosque-Cathedral, which has changed hands between religions multiple times since it was constructed in the eighth century.
  • Seville is home to picturesque orange tree-lined streets, the Andalusian flamenco and a UNESCO World Heritage Listed palace – which you may recognise as the capital of Dorne from Game of Thrones.
  • The university cities of Granada and Salamanca offer a unique glimpse into the more laidback Spanish lifestyle, with Granada also home to the magnificent Alhambra – an expansive palace renovated to become the premier attraction it is today in the middle of the 13th century.

best places to visit in spain, places to visit in spain, tipping in spain

  • The Guggenheim museum in Bilbao is a major drawcard for travellers in the Basque region, and is well known not only for its exhibits but also the building’s architecture.
  • Spain is a popular summer getaway spot with tourist resorts like Costa Del Sol and Malaga, hedonistic nightlife on Ibiza and the Balearic Islands, and the Atlantic Ocean breaks on the Canary Islands, the biggest of which is Tenerife.
  • Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the world, behind only Chinese and just ahead of English.
  • North Africa can be seen across the Strait of Gibraltar from towns like Tarifa, as well as from the British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar – whose rock is home to a famously fearless population of monkeys.
  • The town of Segovia is packed with interesting attractions, including Roman aqueducts and a castle that inspired the Queen’s castle in the animated Disney classic Snow White.
  • Spain draws visitors for more than just its attractions, with travellers pouring in for the bull running in Pamplona, the tomato throwing festival near Valencia, and the holy pilgrimage route of Santiago de Compostela.  

best places to visit in spain, places to visit in spain, tipping in spain

  • Spain’s history is long and rich, featuring such important figures as artist El Greco, military leader El Cid, Cervantes, who authored the first modern novel ‘Don Quixote’, explorer Christopher Columbus, and St Teresa of Avila.
  • Following Columbus’ ‘discovery’ of the new world, Spain colonised what is today Central and South America.
  • The Spanish Inquisition occurred in the 15th century under the rule Catholic monarchs Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castile, during which Jews and Muslims were ordered to convert or leave Spain.
  • General Francisco Franco led the Nationalist party during the Spanish Civil War, before ruling Spain as a military dictator from 1939 until his death in 1975.
  • Kings Juan Carlos I abdicated his thrown in 2014, and was succeeded by his son Felipe VI.
  • Some of the world’s most celebrated artists came from Spain, including Pablo Picasso, Antoni Gaudí, painter Francisco de Goya, and surrealist Salvador Dali.
  • Castanets and Spanish guitar are two of the country’s most important instruments, while their musical contributions include the smash hit ‘La Macarena’ and ‘Asereje’.
  • Singer Enrique Iglesias, actors Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz, and director Pedro Almodóvar are all Spanish.
  • The Spaniards like to move it, move it, and created many well-known dances including the flamenco – best enjoyed at Barcelona’s Tablao de Carmen, the Sardana, the jota and the Paso Doble.

best places to visit in spain, places to visit in spain, tipping in spain

  • Some of Spain’s most notable international companies include Santander Bank, retail store Zara, and SEAT automobile.
  • The football match between Barcelona FC and Real Madrid represents a classic rivalry not only in Spain, but abroad due to these clubs’ status as two of the biggest in the sport.
  • Famous Spanish athletes include F1’s Fernado Alonso, tennis star Rafael Nadal, and golfer Seve Ballesteros.
  • The sport of bull fighting remains in action today, with rings most often found in the southern parts of the country.  
  • Barcelona hosted the summer Olympics in 1992.
  • Spanish inventions include chess and the mop.

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