Zambian cuisine is just as adventurous as the country, with meat dishes like sautéed grasshoppers, caterpillars and flying ants topped with relishes made of varied vegetables, the staple dish of cornmeal porridge, and freshwater fish such as Nile perch and Kariba crayfish. An extensive number of local beers are just waiting to be cracked open while watching the sunset, along with moonshine and non-alcoholic maize drinks. Take a look at our list of eats for your Zambia tours!




Nshima (cornmeal porridge)

Ndiwo Relishes – made with vegetables, tomato and onion, leaves of cassava, sweet potato leaves, beans, cabbage, mustard, rape, kale, beans, chibwabwa pumpkin leaves, ndelele okra, rice

Ifisashi groundnut stew

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Nkuku mu chikasu Village Chicken

Sautéed grasshoppers, caterpillars, cicadas, flying ants

Ifinkubala mopane caterpillar worms



Freshwater: Bream, Nile perch, Salmon, Kariba crayfish

Kapenta dried fish


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Munkoyo (maize and dried munkoyo roots)

Maheu maize drink (also in banana, chocolate and orange)

Baobab White



Mosi, Eagle, Zambezi Lager, Dr Livingstone’s Lager, Safari Stout, Zikomo Copper Ale

Chibuku Shake Shake (brewed from sorghum and maize in a milk carton)



Kachasu moonshine

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