Annapurna Base Camp Trekking is a standout amongst the most famous and exciting trekking trail in Nepal. Situated in the western foothills in North-Central Nepal, stretching from Kali Gandaki in the west to the Marshyangdi in the east. Mt. Annapurna stands toweringly at a height of 8,091m approx and is the tenth most elevated mountain on the planet. Annapurna Base Camp Trekking is a decent introductory course for a nearby experience with the Himalayas, offering a phenomenal perspective of snow-topped mountains with a scene of terraced fields and other snow-topped mountain crests. Annapurna in Sanskrit dialect signifies “goddess of the harvests “.

This massif has a religious centrality in the lives of the Hindus residing in these ranges. Annapurna Base Camp Trek offers a brilliant and differing characteristic ponders as it clears a path through waterfalls, towns, farmlands, rhododendron woods, and mountain vistas. A marvellous point for an emotional all-encompassing perspective of eleven towering mountain crests as well.


Annapurna Base Camp Trekking begins within an hours separation from Pokhara. The trail drives us straight to the foothills at the base camp at Annapurna to a high elevation of 4000 meters. Further, as we proceed onward the trail drives us through different various and heavenly towns inhabited by Nepal’s indigenous ethnic groups comprising of Magars, Gurungs and Thakali’s, greeting you with a wide grin and affable heart prepared to mingle and give vital signals without a smallest of wavering if initiated. We additionally go through a differing topographical and social variety with amazing scopes of widely varied vegetation.

As we head on further the trail leads into the thick rhododendron backwoods in the midst of the blanketed foundation represents a scintillating background to be relaxed under. We trek further covering a considerable measure of separation we achieve similarly as Ghorepani, an astounding sparkling morning anticipates you with its breathtaking dawn, alongside submerged water under the daylight trickling through the cleft over the snow-topped mountains is strange. This projection obliges the scenes of the Himalayas and includes life into this entire district personifying the excellence as far as possible. Another part of this locale is its differed natural life and jeopardised creatures gracing these unfathomable scenes, for example, the blue sheep, snow panthers, tigers, Himalayan Thar alongside different other fowl types of colourful Impheyan, koklass and blood birds makes this place a contrasting heaven.


Annapurna Base Camp Trekking can be best endeavoured from the month of September to November and March to May. Basically this time the entire trekking area sprouts around with rhododendron blooms providing a shallow and soothing serenity to the guests. Guarantee an existence time enterprise with Mountain Tiger Nepal which comes just once in an existence time and set out on this productive adventure more than ever.