We had to be in Vegas for a conference, so no better way than spending 5 Days through Utah, and seeing the Grand Canyon on the way, right?


We took this trip in June. While it was warm, it wasn’t overbearing. Remember, if you go towards the cooler months, it will be quite chilly at night, and even into a good portion of the day.


This trip can be expanded in any fashion that fits your schedule and budget. This is what worked for us, and it’s a trip we will never forget.


Day 1: Arrival + Travel to Hotel

Book a flight in Salt Lake City, rent a car and get ready to drive the 4 hours to Moab to check into your hotel and get some rest! Once you land, grab a bite to eat, and then enjoy the 4 hour car ride over the amazing landscapes, rolling mountains and large rock formations of Utah.


Day 2: The Arches National Park (www.nps.gov/arch/)

Arches National Park is a vast, colourful landscape of landforms and red rock formations unlike anything you’ve ever seen. There is a scenic 18 mile road that goes through the park, and allows easy access to the most common, popular stops: Balanced Rock, Devils Garden, Delicate Arch and the Windows.


We drove the majority of this park, but we also did get out and hike around, but they were small, short, simple hikes, more for the experience and taking pictures. We absolutely LOVED the Arches and were VERY sad to go 🙁


Now, it’s time to grab some grub and get on the road 4 hours to Panguitch for some rest.


Day 2: Bryce Canyon (www.nps.gov/brca/)

Bryce canyon is a very unique destination, with a canyon depth of 800 feet at its maximum. It’s not a canyon filled with colourful hoodoos. We spent the day hiking as we set off on the steep path of switchbacks down into the canyon. Since it was a fairly hot day, it was nice to get to the bottom of the canyon floor, where it was nice and cool and shaded.


Imagine looking up, up, up into the sky- beyond the height of a redwood tree (on average 375’)! It’s amazing to be IN mother nature and experience first hand her ability to provide beauty beyond belief…


Now it’s time to hop in the car for about 2 hours. I highly recommend you leave enough daylight for this drive, because the arrival into Springdale is quite magnificent!



Day 3: Zion National Park (www.nps.gov/zion/)

What’s amazing about this trip is that you will find yourself in awe and amazement each day as you travel deeper into Southern Utah and discover each park is even more massive and magical than the last.


We spent a majority of the time hiking a portion of the Narrows (super popular!). This hike will be spent wading or swimming in the Virgin River on the canyon floor. Make sure you pack appropriately for this part of the trip! Super fun and super cooling in the summer!


Head 3 hours South to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We were so in love with Zion Park, that we left a little late, and had to drive through Kaibab National Forest in pitch black darkness with the roads lined with buffalo! I recommend you leave earlier to have daylight!


Day 4: Grand Canyon, North Rim (www.nps.gov/grca/)

It’s worth the extra money to stay AT the Grand Canyon Hotel ON the North Rim. Yea, it costs a little bit more, but totally worth it!!! We were there in June, and we still needed a sweatshirt at night because it’s a little chilly and very windy.


We spent the day hiking a couple miles into the Grand Canyon, and exploring, and then coming back out. Remember how I said that each day got bigger and better… well what a day to end a trip…. Grand Canyon!!!!


Day 5: Rest/Travel Back Home

Pack your bags and begin your journey back home (or to your next destination, you little travel bug!) It’s about 1.5 hour drive back to Kanab, and you could fly out of there.


If you are ready for and want a jam-packed hiking adventure through some of the most amazing parks in Southern Utah, then grab your 2-3 closest friends and start making the reservations!

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