People love Christmas for all kinds of reasons, but one of the best parts is being able to take a break from the demands of school, work, or whatever life is throwing at you. No matter how much time you get off from work (hopefully, it’s a least a week), it would be nice if you could spend at least some of it doing some traveling. And, what better place to travel during Christmas break than Europe?!


Whether you’re thinking of doing a tour of one country or a handful of countries, there’s so much to see and enjoy during Christmastime in Europe. And, even if you don’t celebrate the holiday, there are plenty of opportunities to join in on the fun!


Christmas Markets


One reason travelers venture to Europe during the holiday season is for the one-of-a-kind Christmas markets. Found in cities all over the continent, from Ljubljana to Dusseldorf, the beautiful Christmas markets will take your breath away. Bake cookies, buy handicrafts, try traditional treats, and be a part of all the excitement that brings together tourists and locals alike! Of course, if you take a tour through these cities, you can hit as many Christmas markets as you want!


Christmas Europe


Shopping and Sporting Winter Clothes


You can’t really have Christmas without snow! Even if your home town has the typical, postcard look, it’s nothing compared to how some cities in Europe look during the wintertime. And, best of all, you get to sport your favorite jacket, boots, and scarf, and go shopping for even more cozy clothes. After all, Europe is the place to show off your winter fashion!


A Chance to Experience Different Traditions


Every country celebrates the holidays just a little bit differently. Wouldn’t it be cool to be a part of their traditional experiences? Use your winter break as an opportunity to take a tour of Europe that will lead you to explore beyond the surface. Join a family at a homestay or eat at a special restaurant, and get a “taste” of Christmas like you’ve never had before.


Christmas Europe


Gorgeous Landscapes and Decorated Cities


Whether it’s the snow, the Christmas lights, or the fairy-tale cities like Salzberg or Talliin as the backdrop of it all, Europe is the perfect place to take a tour if you want to be wowed by pretty much everything around you. Make sure you take pictures…lots and lots of pictures!


Warming Up with Pints of Beer


Depending on where you go, you’ll find that some Europeans love to drink. And, since you don’t want to be outside in the cold too long, you can pop into a bar and warm up with some beer in the meantime. If you’re not a drinker, you’ll find on your European tour that the cities are filled with cafes so you can go for a coffee or a hot chocolate, too.


Do you deserve a great gift this holiday season? Then gift yourself a tour of Europe, which is hands down one of the best places to spend Christmas and the winter holidays!


Hana LaRock is originally from New York, though has called other places around the world her home for the last two years. She currently lives in Mexico and freelance travel writer. When she’s not working, she enjoys writing, reading, spending time with her dog, and of course, traveling. You can find her at