What do you prefer for a holiday? You would say: exquisite locations, lots of sun, spanning beaches, sea, adventure to pump adrenaline, wildlife, water parks, indoor fun, and a fine blend of old-world charm and contemporary amenities. Dubai has a huge conglomeration of tourist attractions to fulfill your vacation needs. If not sure, here are the 10 reasons to put Dubai on your bucket list.


Majestic Skyline


Dubai has the audacity to build structures that leaves the world of architecture spell-bound. Everything that is first in the world in terms of height, size, grandeur, and cost is found here. The design, facade, and interiors of skyscrapers are laudable. Despite being the record holder for 4 tallest buildings in the world, construction plan for a couple of gigantic buildings is still underway. Whether you are looking at the magnificent skyscrapers in the picture or with open eyes, you will be left speechless.

Dubai Marina

Man-made Islands


If you haven’t considered an island for your bucket list ideas, then you are missing something you will regret for long. Dubai has three artificial islands – Palm Jumeirah, Palm jebel Ali, and Palm Deira. All have the prefix ‘Palm’ because of their shape of a palm tree. These artificial islands are the biggest in the world and are connected to the beaches of Dubai. They can be seen even from the space. Each island is built to offer a unique place to visitors for relaxation, entertainment, and adventure. You can take a ride on a yacht and a speedboat to cruise the ocean. The islands have several hotels and resorts to stay and dine.


Cosmopolitan Culture


Since ages, Dubai has been flocked by traders from Asian, European, and African continents. All these merchants left a strong imprint of their culture in the city. Another factor that adds to the diversity in culture is the working class from different countries who have settled here and contributed towards the progress of the city. Owing to this, Dubai has imbibed modernity and cosmopolitan culture. From cuisines, to apparels, and customs, the city has everything to suit the taste and mindset of people from all walks of life. Such is the communal harmony that the city has registered no incident of communal violence until now.


Sun, Sand, and Sea


You will find lots of sunshine, sand, and beaches in Dubai. The days are sunny here throughout the year. You can spend an entire day at the beaches, enjoy sunbath, build sand castles, surf on the waves, go swimming, fishing, and try different types of water sports. You can select the venue between free beaches and paid beaches owned by resorts. Regardless of their status, the beaches are good for a leisurely walk, kite surfing, and fun.


Burf Khalifa


How can you miss the world’s tallest tower among the places to visit in Dubai? Just seeing it from the far will do no justice to the sweat and craftsmanship of engineers and labors who have built the iconic tower. You must feel its beauty from closely, or from inside. Only then you will be able to understand how the 828 meters high tower is constructed and why it took the whole world by storm. The view of the city from the observation deck on 124th and 125th floors is absolutely stunning. Feel the joy of dining in the cloud at the 148th floor in the world’s Top Sky Lounge.

world's tallest tower



Dubai offers lots of adventure activities for junkies to pump their adrenaline. You can jump from an aircraft with a chute, and an instructor strapped to you and enjoy an aerial view of Dubai’s landmarks. You can rent a bike to burn calories and for an adventurous ride on the rugged and isolated mountain. Get the feel of Arabian adventure with desert camping, hike the Hajar Mountains, go for kite surfing and sea kayaking on the Arabian Peninsula coast, and be a pillion rider or a rider in a 4×4 and cruise through the sand dunes and gravel plains of Wild Wadi.




The wildlife in the UAE is bursting with different types of species found on land and the water. The desert area and the barren mountain are a home to reptiles that survive in a hot and dry climate. Sand snakes, sand skink, hare, lizards, bats, scorpion, sea turtles, sea snakes, dugongs, whales, dolphins are the species inhabiting the land and sea. The Ras Al Khor Wildlife Santuary is the biggest in the city that covers 620 hectares of land and is a house to an array of fauna and flora.


Water Parks


Dubai has the largest, biggest, and exciting water parks in the world perfect for both kids and adults for cooling off and escaping the scorching temperature. They have the most extreme vertical slides that give fun a new dimension. Some of the slides also allow to see sharks from a close distance. Just reaching at the top of the slide and looking down is enough to raise your heartbeat and make you think twice before riding the slides. With the cooling water caressing your body and the bright sunlight engulfing the city, you will feel like not coming out of the park for the day.

dubai water park

Indoor activities


Dubai is famous for its shopping malls and entertainment centers that can keep kids and adults busy for a whole day. From bowling to snow-skiing, you can try everything indoor far from the sweltering heat. The Ski Dubai Snow Park is the best to go for snow-skiing. It is the world’s largest artificial snow park. It is an amazing indoor setting for newbies and seasoned surfers to try skiing and snowboarding. Adults and kids even love to play in the snow. You can slide in a tube through slopes and curvy path, enjoying the cool and real feeling of ice.


Tour Dubai Dhow Dinner Cruise


You have a strong reason to include Dubai in your bucket list because of the dhow cruise. There is no experience as unique and satisfying than taking a Tour Dubai dhow dinner cruise. Tour Dubai operates 6 dhows that start from Dubai Creek, Dubai Marina, and Abu Dhabi. The best thing about these dhows are that they are licensed to serve liquors on board. There are plenty of surprises stored for guests from a red carpet welcome, complimentary non-alcoholic drink, and tasty food. The two-hour cruising will strip all your stress and keep it at bay for the rest of the year. The beauty of both sides of the Creek will make you lost in reverie. Above that, the songs played in Arabic and English and the fresh aroma wafting from the sumptuous buffet combining local and international cuisines will touch your heart to the core.


The reason to include Dubai on your Bucket list cannot be summed up with just 10 reasons. The city may not be big in terms of area, but it is surely gigantic as far as tourist attractions are concerned. If one has to elaborate on every aspect of tourism, an encyclopedia can easily be written.