Many people visit Nepal on a tour to get a taste of the Himalayas. And, when it comes to the cuisine, we mean that literally. A lot of the staple ingredients in Nepalese cuisine utilize products from the land and rich soil. So, you really can’t get this food anywhere else. The national dishes are “Daal Bhat” (lentils and rice) and Momo “Meat” (veggie dumplings).  If you like spicy food, then Nepal is the place for you, as many of the condiments add some heat to your food. If you like bread, there is Tibetan Bread with Honey as well as Chapati. Yak is also a popular dish here, whether you go for the meat or the cheese. If it all becomes too heavy for you, then sweeten things up with mandarin oranges, rice pudding, or apple-pie for dessert.



National Dish:

Daal bhat lentils and rice

Momo meat or veg dumplings

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Tibetan Bread and Honey

Dhido corn porridge

Chapati, Kothey dumplings



Yak and buffalo steak

Sekuwa spicy kebabs

Aloo Tama curry

Chataamari Nepali pizza

Wai-Wai packet instant noodles



Tarkari curried vegetables, Achhaar pickles, chutney

Soya beans, bamboo shoots

Makkai popcorn

Chilli sauce

Dahi yogurt



Apple Pie

Khir rice pudding

Churpi cheese, Yak Cheese

Mandarin oranges



Tea (chiya), butter tea

Yak milk

Mustang coffee



Everest, Gorkha

Tongba homebrewed millet beer



Raksi liquor, Khukuri rum

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