When it comes to traveling to Thailand, it doesn’t take much convincing. This beautiful country is filled with everyone you could want in a vacation or backpacking trip, and it’s easy to do Thailand how you want. Plenty of tours, big and small, run through the country, making it possible to access every corner of this place. The trip from Australia to Thailand is certainly not a short one, but it’s totally worth it once you arrive.


1.) The Islands and Beaches


Thailand has some of the most beautiful beaches and islands in the world. Whether you choose to spend time at James Bond Island (Khao Phing Kan), Krabi, or a getaway in Phuket, you’ll be blown away by the shimmering blue color of the water, the limestone cliffs, and the unlimited opportunities for sunbathing, swimming, boating, diving, snorkeling, or just plain fun!




2.) The Nightlife and Parties


Thailand is one of the best places in Southeast Asia to travel to if you’re looking for a good time. From the popular Full Moon parties on the islands and the famous foreigner streets like Khao San Road in Bangkok, to Patong Beach in Phuket and rooftop parties at the Sky Bar, the cities here never sleep. Of course, if you want to take partying to the next level, there are Ladyboys and ‘Ping Pong’ shows for that!



3.) The Crazy Affordability


Southeast Asia is one of the most affordable regions in the world, especially Thailand. One meal can cost 30 baht, which around 1 Australian Dollar. Transportation, including taxis, buses, and even flights on Thailand’s budget domestic airline, Nok Air, are a quarter of the price of what it might be in Australia. Experience massages for just a few hundred Baht, join tour groups, go shopping, and have an amazing night, without making a dent. There’s also tons of affordable tours that will take you everywhere you’ll want to go with the greatest friends you’ll ever meet. Check out Thailand tours here!


4.) The Cultural Relics


Thailand has amazing temples and sites all over, usually depicting the history of Buddhism in their country. Temples, known as ‘Wats’, are definitely worth a visit, as well as sites like the Reclining Buddha, (Wat Pho), or even the Karen Long Necks of northern Thailand. Take a tour along the Chao Praya River of Thailand, where you can see the sites more easily. Wherever you go, you’ll be dazzled by the golden structures and the majestic landmarks of the country.


5.) The Jungles and Wildlife


In addition to the beaches and islands, Thailand also has what’s considered to be the oldest rainforest in the world, Khao Yai National Park. Within this park, as well as other jungles in the country, you can find birds, snakes, gibbons, and if you’re lucky, elephants, too. However, if you’re not able to catch one out in the wild, then take a tour to place like Elephant Nature Park. Thailand is also famous for its Tiger Temple and Tiger Kingdom, where you can take a picture close-up with tigers.


6.) The Amazing Food


Each country in Southeast Asia has a blend of flavors from the region, and Thailand prepares an amazing display of this. From authentic plates of pad thai, curries, street food, seafood, fried rice, and spicy bowls of noodles, all dishes use the freshest and most delicious ingredients out there. Thailand also has a variety of cooking classes and tours to learn how to make these excellent dishes yourself. Don’t forget to try the exotic fruits while you’re here, like snake fruit and dorian.

Author Bio: Hana LaRock is originally from New York, though has called other places around the world her home for the last two years. She currently lives in South Korea as an English teacher and freelance travel writer. When she’s not working, she enjoys writing, reading, spending time with her dog, and of course, traveling. You can find her at www.hanalarockwriting.com